Blinkenlights Stereoscope App Reviews

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Praises it was free & now deleted.


Relax Listen to music do something with stereoscope!

You can make it Better!

You have great picture but there is no sound.

Very nice App

And the graphic is amazing! Good work!

Great Work

if you can't see it in person this is the next best thing.

The best

I would totally pay for it


looking forward to see Blinkenlights in Toronto

Cool real world/cyberspace crossover

This is a brilliant art project. Very nice real world/cyberspace integration. You can create your own graphics using a computer and submit for presentation. Check out the project website.


And pointless good grafix if you could control them the way you want to....

Well done

Very nice graphics, UI, and execution. Fun to play with.


This is actually a neat app, though I'm not sure how this will help me in real life. But it's still fun to use!

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